Gym / CrossFit & Functional Equipment

We source from a large range of suppliers to supply equipment to commercial gyms, high performance centres and home based gyms.  Working with you we will ensure that your needs are met within your budget.  We can also source and supply specialist requirements.


  • Crossover Machines
  • Concept Rowers & Commercial Rowers
  • Ellipticals
  • Benches – Flat, Multipress, Incline, Decline, Preacher Curl
  • Exercise Bikes – Commercial Air Bike, Upright Bike, Recline Bike
  • Treadmills – Commercial & Semi Commercial
  • Calf Raise Machines – Standing & Seated
  • Weight Stack Machines
  • Free Weight / Plate Loaded Machines
  • Multi Gyms
  • Multi Function Racks
  • Dumbells, Barbells, Free Weights, Weight Plates, Kettle Bells, Olympic Bars
  • All gym accessories and flooring


  • Conditioning Equipment – Battle ropes, Bull Sleds with Harnesses, Climb Ropes, Core Trainers, Sledgehammer
  • Storage Racks
  • Rigs – Indoor and Outdoor

Functional Equipment

  • Balance & Stablisation – Exercise Balls, Balance Step, Balance Boards
  • Body Weight Training – TRX Suspension, Knee Lift, Gym Rings
  • Flexibility & Stretching – Foam Rollers, Stick Massagers, Stretch Bands
  • Functional Training – Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, Plyo Box, Sand Bags, Power Cord, Drive Sleds
  • Fitness – Aerobic Step, Aerobic Bars, Push Up Twister
  • Recovery – Massage Ball, Massage Stick, Resistance Bands, Resistance Tubes
  • Pilates & Yoga – Pilates Ball, Yoga Kit, Trainer Balls
  • Plyometrics – Skipping Ropes, Plyometric Boxes
  • Speed & Agility – Agility Ladders, Push Pull Sled, Reaction Belts, Speed Ladder, Agility Cones, Speed Parachute