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PT ENGINEERING & PRO 3 AGENCIES – SCRUM MACHINE TO SHARKS PT Engineering began some fifteen years ago, establishing itself as a general design and engineering firm to service the sugar industry of the North coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The two managing members of this close corporation are George Pringle and Kelway Tanner. PT Engineering supplies engineered products to the likes of Halliburton, Chevron, BP and Schlumberger in the off-shore oil industry, as well as specialized components to the sugar industry. 

PT Engineering recently designed a brand new innovative scum machine, which found a home at College Rovers. David and Richard Pringle of PT Engineering, joined the College Rovers club in 1998. The Pringles and Robin Swanepoel ( Pro 3 Agencies) found that the old College Rovers scum machine was too small, too light, unsafe and the sled design would damage the pitch. With the assistance of scrumming expert, Robin Swanepoel ( Pro 3 Agencies), they put their heads together and designed a new innovative scrumming machine – to better their passion – rugby!


Following on the successful launch of this and other rugby exercise products, PT Engineering and Pro 3 Agencies were delighted when they were able to offer an upgraded version of the College rovers scrum machine to the Sharks


Maritzburg College

Some of the features of the scrum machine are:-


  • sandblasted and painted with zinc rich epoxy paint that handles the toughest outdoor conditions
  • tare approximately 850 kg
  • gross mass approximately 2000 kg
  • contact pads are made from a combination of foam compounds to ensure maximum comfort and safety
  • the resistance of the initial “hit” can be adjusted by adding or removing individual springs or increasing or decreasing the spring tension. A new addition is the fitment of gas shocks to stabilize the machine when the “hit” takes place.
  • The “hit” on each pad is individually measured and the coach can see if the “hit” is sustained. This enables the scrumming coaches to evaluate the pack as a whole and monitor individuals as well. With this addition to the scrum machine there is nowhere to hide!
  • The scrum machine has had the dual braking system upgraded to disc pads. This dual brake system ensures a maximum yet controlled resistance. Should the ground be wet the scrum machine has two ground spikes to stop skidding from taking place. The rollers are also fitted with grips to reduce the likelihood of the rollers skidding.
  • The scrum machine has a swivel front wheel which allows the machine to be moved easily on and off the pitch. The front wheel can also be locked in the straight position for active scrumming.
  • The swivel facility on the pad mechanism easily indicates when packs are scrumming up or down. This mechanism helps to identify poor scrumming technique thus reducing the chance of injury during live scrumming. This facility is adjustable to suit the various pack strengths, it can also be adjusted to cater for various widths and heights as required.
  • The machine is user friendly and easy to disassemble and maintain as required.

Hand over to Northlands Primary of the Junior Sled.

The aim was to develop a scrum machine that would be the ultimate scrum coaching aid. The scrum machine is reliable, robust safe and certified  and PT Engineering and Pro 3 Agencies have already supplied a number, with new orders in the pipeline – each Scrum machine is be fitted with the it’s own unique data plate, and can be painted and branded in specific school, club or sponsors colours. The Sharks scrum machine, aptly branded with the slogan “MEN OF HONOUR” and painted in the familiar Sharks grey colour is a good example of this.

PT Engineering’s main objective has always been to know their clients’ needs and to satisfy their particular requirements. Over the years this has led to the development of specially designed and customized products.  PT Engineering has become a supplier to the rapid growing off-shore oil industry on the west coast of Africa. PT Engineering will gladly tailor their scrum machine  to suit the needs of the customer, e.g. – the size and weight can be reduced to suit schools or enlarged to suit provincial teams.

The Marketing. Sales and Commissioning of the scrum machines is looked after by Robin Swanepoel of Pro 3 Agencies. Robin is himself a veteran of over 100 provincial games and can offer a wealth of experience to teams, especially in scrumming techniques. Robin can be contacted at Pro 3 Agencies on Mobile:  082 707 4618 or landline  031-8116674. The e-mail address is Visit the web site at

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