Protective Outerwear & PPE

Whether you need general workers conti suits or more specialised clothing we are able to assist.  The majority of the apparel can be branded ensuring your staff are readily identifiable.

Apparel we can assist with

  • Hi Viz Golfers and T-Shirts (with or without reflective tape)
  • Hi Viz Waistcoats and Bibs
  • Hi Viz Jackets and Fleeces
  • Polycotton and 100% Conti Suits
  • Conti Trousers
  • Jeans
  • Khakis
  • Conti Jackets
  • Boiler Suits
  • Flame and Acid Retardant Conti Suits
  • Acid Resistant Conti Suits
  • Dust Coats
  • Freezer Jackets and Pants
  • Thermal Wear
  • Rain Suits
  • Reflective Bomber Jackets
  • Socks

Safety Accessories / PPE

  • Dust Masks
  • Hard hats
  • Gloves – Leather, Chemical Resistant, Oil Resistant, Welders, Cotton
  • Safety Glasses – Basic, Wrap Around, Goggle
  • Face Masks
  • Respirators
  • Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs
  • Bump Cap