The Ultimate Scrumming Machine!

The Big Dog Scrumming Machine


The ultimate scrumming machine!

Already featuring in the Natal Sharks arsenal of training equipment. Distributed and designed by Pro3Agencies and PT Engineering, the Big Dog is the Ultimate scrumming machine, designed with safety and comfort in mind, while delivering an array of systems to promote good scrumming techniques, adjustability and relevant information to help coaches evaluate their pack as a whole and on an individual basis.

From the word go each Big Dog is fully customizable in your colours and logos

The Design:

-Designed to handle the toughest outdoor conditions

-Operates on wet grass

-Encourages good scrumming techniques

-Adjustable to different pack strengths, catering for various pack widths and heights

-Hydraulic braking system ensures maximum yet controlled resistance

-Mixed compound foam pads provide comfort & Safety

-Fitted devices to measure the strength and sustainability of impact

-Equips scrumming coaches with the ability to evaluate their pack as a whole or on an individual basis.

-Swivel front wheel allows for easy movement on & off pitch.

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